Upset Recovery + Spin Training

This course will cover spins and extreme attitudes and how to properly recover. It is a great way to build confidence in GA airplanes and will solidify stick and rudder skills.

A refreseher on power on/off stalls and falling-leaf stalls will be covered in this 1.5 hour course.

This course can also be associated with a Biennaul Flight Review.


Course: $399

Basic Aerobatics

AKV8 offers 2 basic aerobatics courses. A two-hour introductory course demonstrates basics such as rolls, loops, and spins.

Our 4 hour course works on perfecting basic manuevers and connecting them. Rolls, slow rolls, barrell rolls, loops, hammerheads, Split-S, Immelman, Cuban-8s, and spins will be explored.


2 hour course: $600

4 hour course: $1100

Personalized Training

We provide flight clinics for those who are training for a Private, or Commercial rating. You can apply by contacting us and if we can help, we will set you up with an instructor to get your training completed.


Ground Instruction: $50/hr

Dual Citabria 7ECA: $200/hour (wet)

Dual Cessna 150: $150/hour (wet)

Biennual Flight Reviews

Our BFRs will be tailored to your needs and will meet the minimum required 1 hour ground and 1 hour of flight. We can accomodate if you wish to use your own airplane.


$350 with AKV8 aircraft

$150 in owner aircraft

Discovery Flight

A great option if you have never flown or are interested in becoming a pilot. This 30 minute flight will examine some of the basics of flight and give you a chance to see some of the beauty of Alaska from the Air. If you are visting from out of State, this is a chance to see how deep Aviation is in Alaska



Gift of Flight

Contact us today to book a flight for your significant other, whether it be for an advanced flight, or discovery flight!

(907) 726-7889

Proficiency Training

If it has been a while since you've flown or would like tailwheel time to regain profiency, we will tailor training to your specific needs. Whether it's confidence building, advanced cross-country thought processes, aeronautical decision-making, or brushing up on emergency procedures.

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